Sheru Classic Pro India 2023

The results of the professional bodybuilding contest results named Sheru Classic Pro India 2023 are out now! Every year hundreds of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts work on their physiques for this contest. It is a dream platform for bodybuilders to showcase their talent and hard work.

This year’s Sheru Classic Pro India 2023 was held on 17th June in Delhi. Four IFBB Pro League Divisions represented themselves. And 35 competitors took part from all the divisions. Now let’s see what is Sheru Classic Pro. And what were the muscle-building competition results?

Who conducts Sheru Classic Pro?

Sheru Classic Pro offers an international platform to the top IFBB professional bodybuilders. It is organized by International Health and Fitness Festival (IHFF). Several figure athletes, conditioning coaches, women bikini athletes, and nutritionists come from diverse sporting disciplines.

More than 100 vendors, industry experts, and managers also come to the event. They present their products, brands, and industry expertise to the audience. Sheru Classic is India’s very first and only platform that blends bodybuilding, supplementation, health, fitness, and muscle-building industries together.

The competition comprises two categories- Men and Women with different sub-categories.

Category Sub-category
Men Body-building
Classic Physique
Women Bikni


Winners of Sheru Classic Pro 2023 in different categories

Let’s see who took the trophy in different categories of Sheru Classic Pro 2023.

212 Winner

Andrei Melnikov from Russia grabbed the position of 212 winners. It was his second participation in 2023. In 2021m he held the eighth position in Europa Pro Championship. He received a unanimous win this year. He scored in prejudging as well as in finals. Moreover, he has become the ninth participant of the 2023 Olympia 212. The competition will possibly be held in Orlando from 2nd to 5th November 2023.

Classic Physique Winner

Vahid Badpei scored the second career pro show where he got the first position in both judging rounds. He was representing Iran and has already won the 2022 Thailand Pro. Now, he has also entered Olympia for the second time. Badpei also entered Olympia in 2022 but was unable to compete. If he competes this time, then he will be making his debut in Olympia in 2023.

Men’s Physique Winner

Bhuwan Chauhan made India win first place in Men’s physique category. Also, he was the only Indian athlete who scored a win in Sheru Classic Pro 2023 in any category. He has also become the first Indian athlete to qualify for Men’s Physique Olympia 2023. In the 2023 seasons, he did two shows before Sheru Classic Pro. Moreover, he scored two third-place in the 2023 Toronto Pro Supershow and the 2023 Optimum Classic Pro.

Bikini division winner

Different nations represented their best physiques in the contest. However, Jil Meret Schmitz took the win. It was the second professional win of her career. Now, she is aiming to enter into the top 15 position of Bikini Olympia which she wasn’t able to do in 2022. The below table shows all other positions scored by the participants.

Title Position Name Country
212  Bodybuilding 1 Andrei Melnikov Russia
2 Morteza Mashayekh Kordkola Iran
3 Edward Kargbo UAE
Classic Physique 1 Vahid Badpei Iran
2 Mikhail Timoshin Russia
3 Sunmeet Singh Gill India
4 Deepak Nanda India
5 Denis Romanov Russia
6 Manoj Sarangapani India
7 Parmeshwar Sharma India
8 Chand Mondal India
9 Mehmet Emin Baydilli Turkey
10 Kirk Anderson USA
11 Munusamy India
12 Piyush Raj India
13 Luis Garcia Martinez Spain


Title Position Name Country
Men’s Physique 1 Bhuwan Chauhan India
2 Raj Kumar Paswan India
3 Ali Bilal Denmark
4 Anik Ghosh India
5 Gijo John Kurian India
6 Ajith Raja P. India
7 Mohammad Javad Sadeghi Iran
8 Tua Anh Tran Vietnam
9 Dilip Kumar N H India
10 Maxime Parisi France
Bikni 1 Jil Meret Schmitz Thailand
2 Elizaveta Dementera Russia
3 Rukiye Solak Turkey
4 Laura Martinez Manrique USA
5 Dunaevskaia Ekaterina Russia
6 Liana Moroz Russia
7 Bunluek Sanguanlikhitkun Thailand
8 Kristina Ivanova Russia
9 Karina Aleksashina Russia

Who did guest posing in Sheru Classic Pro 2023?

This year guest posing was done by Kai Greene and Vlad Suhoruchko. Not only they showed their unique posing styles but also helped the competitors with their vast experience. Kai Greene showcased his famous dynamic and aesthetic demeanor in his performance. On the other hand, Vlad Suhoruchko captivated the audience with his flawless execution and accurate posing tactics. He showcased his renowned strength and muscularity with graceful representation.


Professional bodybuilding contest results of Sheru Classic Pro 2023 were the most awaited ones. Judges chose the best performers on the parameters of confidence, muscularity, posing techniques, and strategies. Andrei Melnikov proved his worth for the title with his accurate posing style blended with flexible body movements. On the other hand, Jil Meret Schmitz showed amazing muscle strength paired with beautifully curated poses.

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