Arnold Sports Festival 2024

Arnold Sports Festival 2024: Hadi Choopan competes in the Mr. Olympia event during the Olympia Fitness & Performance weekend at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on December 17, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Multiple events in the 2024 Arnold Sports Festival wrapped up on Saturday. This included the Strongman Classic, the Strongwoman Classic, men’s Physique, and the Arnold Classic.

Arnold Sports Festival 2024

The Arnold Classic in particular has become one of bodybuilding’s premier events, with top competitors around the globe competing for first place. The 2024 group featured a pair of decorated individuals, Hadi Choopan and Samson Dauda. Choopan, known as the Persian Wolf, made his first appearance at the event after winning the title of Mr Olympia in 2022. He was also the Mr. Olympia runner-up in 2023

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As for Dauda, he returned to defend his title after emerging victorious in the 2023 Arnold Classic. It appeared to be a two-man race heading into the final day, as both Choopan and Dauda were featured in the first and final callouts during prejudging on Friday.

Choopan dethroned Dauda to win the $300,000 prize and earn some redemption for his second-place Mt. Olympia finish. Here are the full results for the Arnold Classic and several other notable events on Saturday.

Arnold Classic

Arnold Sports Festival 2024

 Choopan was victorious and won a $300,000 prize in his first time competing in the event. Dauda earned a No. 2 finish and won a $120,000 prize as the runner-up in the Classic along with the Best Poser Award. His trophy was presented to him by Schwarzenegger himself.

First Place: Hadi Choopan: Arnold Sports Festival 2024

In the Arnold Classic final, which appeared to be a two-man race after Choopan and Dauda were called out multiple times in Friday’s prejudging. It was Choopan’s first time participating in the Classic, as the man nicknamed the Persian Wolf has typically been one of the finalists in recent years at Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend.

He was named Mr. Olympia in 2022, although his finish as the runner-up in 2023 behind Derek Lunsford came as a disappointment relative to the rest of his career. As for Dauda, he entered the 2024 Classic searching for his second straight title after winning the competition in 2023.

Choopan emerged victorious, winning the Arnold Classic as well as the $300,000 prize in his first time competing in the event. Dauda earned a No. 2 finish.

Second Place: Samson Dauda: Arnold Sports Festival 2024

The event also boasts one of the most notable events in bodybuilding. The competition, named after bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, included some of the top names in the world of bodybuilding such as Hadi Choopan and Samson Dauda.

The competition took place at multiple venues in Ohio throughout the weekend. The locations consisted of the Columbus Convention Center, the Ohio Expo Center, the Batelle Grand, and the Columbus Athenaeum.

Third Place: Rafael Brandao: Arnold Sports Festival 2024

Rafael is a regular top-five finisher, and he has two pro victories under his belt along with this new win in the Arnold Classic.

At his last Mr. Olympia in 2022, Rafael finished in tenth place, but some bodybuilding pundits believed he should have placed higher.

Rafael has one of the most balanced physiques in the bodybuilding world. Rafael presents an incredible combination of size, balance, and condition. With the improvements that he made during 2023, he has successfully won this position and expected for better in the coming season.

Fourth Place: Jon Delarosa

Fifth Place: James Hollingshead

Sixth Place: Akim Williams

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Classic Physique Results:

Arnold Sports Festival 2024

First Place: Wesley Vissers

Second Place: Ramon Rocha Queiroz

Third Place: Urs Kalecinski

Fourth Place: Breon Ansley

Fifth Place: Michael Daboul

Sixth Place: Damien Patrick

Men’s Physique

Arnold Sports Festival 2024First Place: Diogo Montenegro

Second Place: Vinicius Mateus Lima

Third Place: Vitor Chaves

Fourth Place: Kyron Holden

Fifth Place: Corey Morris

Sixth Place: Emanuel Hunter

Bikini International

Arnold Sports Festival 2024

First Place: Lauralie Chapados

Second Place: Aimee Delgado

Third Place: Vania Auguste

Fourth Place: Angelica Teixeira

Fifth Place: Phoebe Hagan

Sixth Place: Eli Fernandez

Pro Wheelchair

Arnold Sports Festival 2024

First Place: Rajesh John

Second Place: Gabriele Andriulli

Third Place: Josue Fabiano

Fourth Place: Harold Kelley

Fifth Place: Gaylon Grigsby

Sixth Place: Bradley Betts

Arnold Strongman Classic

Arnold Sports Festival 2024

First Place: Mitchell Hooper

Second Place: Mateusz Kieliszkowski

Third Place: Tom Stoltman

Fourth Place: Hafthór Björnsson

Fifth Place: Bobby Thompson

Sixth Place: Oleksii Novikov

Seventh Place: Evan Singleton

Eighth Place: Martins Licis

Ninth Place: Thomas Evans

Tenth Place: Oskar Ziółkowski

Arnold Strongwoman Classic

Arnold Sports Festival 2024

First Place: Angelica Jardine

Second Place: Olga Liashchuk

Third Place: Lucy Underdown

Fourth Place: Hannah Linzay

Fifth Place: Inez Carrasquillo

Sixth Place: Samantha Belliveau

Seventh Place: Rebecca Roberts

Eighth Place: Andrea Thompson

Ninth Place: Melissa Peacock

Tenth Place: Erin Murray

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Lauralie Chapados has maintained her dominance in the bikini international event, winning it for the third consecutive year. Meanwhile, Rajesh John won his first Arnold title by taking home the crown in the pro wheelchair event as 2023 champion Harold Kelley finished fourth.

Mitchell Hooper won his second straight Arnold Strongman Classic after entering the day in the No. 2 spot behind 2018 World’s Strongest Man Hafthór Björnsson. Hooper recorded 32 points on Saturday to secure the victory.

Angelica Jardine maintained her recent hot streak after winning 2023 America’s Strongest Woman. She earned a victory in the Arnold Strongwoman Classic, narrowly beating out runner-up Olga Liashchuk by half a point.

Fitness International Results:

Arnold Sports Festival 2024

First Place: Ariel Khadr

Second Place: Jaclyn Baker

Third Place: Jodi Boam

Fourth Place: Michelle Fredua-Mensah

Fifth Place: Aurika Tyrgale

Sixth Place: Tamara Vahn

Classic Wellness International Results:

Arnold Sports Festival 2024

First Place: Francielle Mattos

Second Place: Isabelle Nunes

Third Place: Sandra Colorado Acal

Fourth Place: Bruna Seredich

Fifth Place: Lili Dong

Sixth Place: Anne-Marie Gobeil



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